Key management: new reports available

The new version of the key management TSObjektkey 5 with the focus on “New Reports key management” is available for download. Added or have been updated are the reports Who has key X? Who has cylinder X? Which key was borrowed from person X? Which cylinder was borrowed from person […]

Key management and barcodes

Key management barcode – The next version of the key management software TSObjektkey will support bar codes. This includes the QR Code, Code 128, EAN and PDF 417. Since this key management software is upgradeable, further barcodes can be added on request. Keys can be identified by a barcode, can […]

TSObjektkey 5 and Windows 10

The keymanagementsoftware TSObjektkey 5 in its current version runs fine under Windows 10. We did those tests back in february 2015 for the first time and last week again with the latest known version. The screenshots from the first test of TSObjektkey 5 are available on my gallery site. They […]

Issuing and returning mechanical keys made simple

Issuing and returning mechanical keys without a proper software could be a nightmare. Especially if it comes to filling in manual receipts, updating lists or checking that the returns are on time. TSObjectkey could be a great help for that: Lists can be created at the push of a button. […]