Manage keys electronically – “Manage” Key in lists on paper – What used to make sense when computers were expensive and rare now makes no real sense anymore. Nowadays “man” manages keys electronically, with a software for key management.

Electronic key management

Key management software allows you to manage keys electronically. The keys and their relevant data are transferred to a database. Similar to an accounting, keys are issued or keys are returned. Of course for this, output documents and return documents are created. In a network, several employees can always see the current status of the issued key. Reports can be created. At a glance the employee can see who has which key. The key management TSObjectkey can relieve you of a lot of routine tasks. The tedious creation of reports, lists and reports is now a thing of the past. You finally have time for the important tasks.

Free trial

Give the key management TSObjectkey a chance. Download the free trial and find out how much time you can save when managing keys. You can test all the features the program has after you buy. Only the amount of the possible data sets is limited in the free trial version, in the case of the full version this restriction is of course no longer necessary.