Other software developments in German language


I started my software developments in my native language, German. Most of these projects are running for several years now. Due to demands from several international customers I began to extend some of my projects to make them multilanguage capable. Most of this work is done by professional translator services.

The first software project was the contractmanagement software TSContract and I continued with the keymanagement software, TSObjectkey. Details about this software can be found on these pages here.

I’m planning to extend my other software to make them multilanguage capable too. But I will not do if there is no demand for that. So I will link those pages here to make them for google and potential customers interesting.

Other software developments

The first project is the software for inventory management, TSInventory. There are already project pages in English an German available, but the software itself is not completely translated. The documentation is only available in German.

For those who have a need for an easy key-management software which concentrates on easy usage, TSKey 5 is an interesting option. If you have no need to manage more than one building, this software might be yours.

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