Issuing and returning mechanical keys made simple

Issuing returning mechanical keysIssuing and returning mechanical keys without a proper software could be a nightmare. Especially if it comes to filling in manual receipts, updating lists or checking that the returns are on time.

TSObjectkey could be a great help for that: Lists can be created at the push of a button. Receipts are printed out with just one click. The keymanagement software TSObjectkey could help to answer questions like: Does Mr T. have access to the main entrance ? Who else has a key to lock room 123 ?.  Do we need to order more keys for the stockroom ?

TSObjectkey supports your daily work by keeping  your key data consistent and up to date. The software supports you with auditable data by keeping track on each and every issuing or returning.

Key functions:

  • Administration of locking systems, key systems
  • Booking system for issue to key holder
  • Easy booking of key issue and return
  • Adjustable reports